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about me

I am a freelance artist and crafter based in Vienna, Austria. I paint digitally with a graphictablet, traditionally preferably with pencil and watercolor and create paperart, like small, unique little gift boxes and cards.


Writing about yourself is a lot harder than I thought. Where to start, what to say? I thought a lot about it and making it sound very businesslike felt just wrong to me, because art and crafts is so much more for me than just a job. It is-as stereotypical as that may sound- a passion. Rarely a day goes by where I don't do something creative, sometimes art, sometimes crafts or, if  I need a break from that, I paint over my furniture for the gazillionzed time.


to play with paper, it always amazed me what people can make out of a simple paper sheet.I create small, unique little gift boxes and cards. Short, but I guess it has all the importantfacts about today. Second, well start at the beginning. Or that´s what felt the most natural for me. So here we go….

My very first thought was to give my grandfather, who was an artist himself, the  credit for bringing my love of art into my life at an early age. And I can´t deny that he had a big and important influence. He and my grandmother always gave me drawing supplies and art books for Christmas, birthdays and any other occasion possible. He drove to art shops with me and he also often showed me how to paint, even when our styles were as different as night and day. He preferred the more traditional, painterly way and I wanted nothing more than those crisp lines I saw in comics and graphic novels.

girl behind the paper - the longer story


Things don´t always turn out the way you plan – luckily, cause as a kid a wanted to be a dentist and I know now that this would not have been the right call for me – my non existing patients should be very happy about that. The older I got the clearer it became for me that I

So l decided the easiest way to do an "about me" is to start with the most obvious and important information:I am a freelance artist and crafter based in Vienna, Austria. I paint digitally with a graphic tablet –one of the best things I ever got - and traditionally preferably with pencil and watercolor. For the crafterpart I love to

I would have never thought so as a child, but in the end I found out that I actually do enjoy the – for me at least- unpredictable ways watercolors float into each other and create with their intermingling colors intriguing and beautiful patterns.However, after thinking a bit about it I realized it wasn´t him who first introduced me to creativity and made it such a big part of my life.
He only nurtured it. My mother made me love it. As kids we always did crafts with her. In fall we collected leaves to dry and press, in winter we cut outpaper stars, for easter we painted eggs and so much more – if I list it all this will be a verylong "about me". And all the times in between holidays and specialoccasions we painted and drew pictures. She still has quite a big collection of my drawings. Growing up with all those crafts made me love it until today.

I wanted to presume a job in the creative genre. So I had a plan, get into art school, find a job in the industry and be happy. Unfortunately I did not get into art school,

find a job in the industry and be happy. Unfortunately I did not get into art school when I moved to Vienna and being still young and shy I did not dream of trying on my own back then. So I gave up on it for years, but it never left my life completely - ask my furniture and the many layers of paint and glue on them.
Years later I met a man with an incredible philosophy and mind, I did value his opinion a lot, especially since he himself had made a career in a creative job. One day I made a riddle birthday card for his wife and even though it looked rather awful he told me that he saw talent in there and that I should not care about other people´s opinion. As long as I loved it, I had all the rights to create. He set the spark again to try a different way.
Not long after that I learned of something new: the graphic tablet. Growing up in a traditional art family I had never heard of that little wonder and with it thoughts of trying a career in art despite having no traditional education became intriguing again.
Ok… to be honest at first I just wanted to draw and play with it forever. With that little technical wonder I started to draw seriously again. And not long after that I started to teach myself, started to learn more about anatomy, light and colors. Good thing there is something called the internet that is so full of tutorials and helpful information. Later I started to add art books to it and actual online classes.
Friends make you sometimes do the best and stupidest things in your life. And one of my best friends made me exhibition at a huge convention with him – it was a disaster money wise – I did not sell a single piece, but it still was the best thing I ever did. It was the start of my freelance work. It made me something I hadn´t toughed possible beyond friends and family. People actually liked my paintings and were interested which was incredible for me and still is until today. Sitting in your room away form everyone and creating something is amazing and it is that process and the result that moves my hands every time, but seeing people´s reaction to it made it so much more than just my own hidden love for it.  
So, I already made this “little about me” longer than I intended to. But this is the short version of me and why I love art until today. And how a few steps and people made me love and start to try again to reach my dream of a life full of creativity. Because as long as I love it, it is worth it.


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